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Thinking of Moving to Alabama?


(Red State Madness)

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Moving To Alabama

If you're planning to move to Alabama, LOL!
But if you really HAVE to move to Alabama, you may find these links helpful:

- Get a bible if you don't have one
- Learn to tawk southren
- Learn to make southern fried chicken
- Be ready for school funding cuts
- Alabama Republicans learn things the
    hard way

- Accept that Alabama Republicans hate
   anything "liberal" (including health care)

- Learn more about the right wing mind



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EVERY day is Christmas
for Alabama: One of the
"Taker" red states!

Alabama: Socialist or Communist?

Red states suck up more federal taxpayer dollars than blue states.

Alabama gets back $3.28 in U.S. taxpayer dollars for every dollar it pays in federal taxes!

Alabama depends on federal taxpayer money for 37% of its revenue!

Alabama has one of the highest percentages of federal employees per capita!

U.S. taxpayers are subsidizing THAT is socialism!


The Right Wing Mind

Obstructionist Whining Asshole Award

Alabama's Own U.S. Rep. Jeff Sessions:
What a whining asshole

Backwards red states reward assholes
by re-electing them.
In Alabama, Sessions has been repeatedly re-elected.
That says much about Alabama.
Maybe it's attributable to inbreeding?

Jeff Sessions HATES the poor but loves corporations.
Cut food stamps but heap favors on corporations.
The average American family pays a staggering $6,000 a year
in subsidies to Republican-friendly big business.

"Privatization" is the mantra of the Republicans
Here's what it looks like in Columbiana, Alabama

Alabama has a lot of "moochers"
Republicans, like Jeff Sessions, HATE those
food stamp "moochers" and want to cut food stamps.
How ironic that so many food stamp recipients
are located in red states


Replace that damned statue
with a fence

Founding Fathers And Religion

ALEC exposed
Corporate Supporters of the
right-wing business group
which is undermining Democracy

Dump State Farm Insurance
Support Planned Parenthood
Xenophobia In Alabama
History Is A Weapon
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Are The Most

(see pages 20-23)


Republicans HATE Government Spending
Yes indeed, Republicans say they HATE government spending. Unless, of course, they do the spending. First it was Alabama's Republican senator Dick Shelby blowing half a billion bucks on a Rocket To Nowere, now it's Mississippi Republican senators blowing over $300 million on NASA's Teardown Tower. Wake up! Republicans are lying hypocrites!

North Birmingham: Don't Eat From Your Garden
The E.P.A. is involved in toxic contamination remedidiation in the North Birmingham area. I guess that's another good reason for Republicans to hate the E.P.A.

Republican domestic violence
Alabama state senator Tom Whatley arrested for domestic violence. This follows news that (Republican) judge Mark Fuller was accused of beating his wife. Dontcha love those God-fearin' woman-beating Republicans?

Alabama Jailers Let Prisoners Die From Easily-Treatable Illnesses
One example: A a 19-year-old from Huntsville, died in jail in August as the result of a gangrenous wound in his foot that was left untreated.
Read more

The moral: Do NOT move to Alabama!

AL Republicans Deny Public Housing Residents the Right to Vote
This is not really surprising, given Alabama's efforts to disenfranchise as many likely Democratic voters as possible: Alabama's attorney general made a last-minute ruling that public housing ID cards are not acceptable at the polls. DON'T MOVE TO ALABAMA.

High-Rank Alabama Republican Politician Indicted
Powerful Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard has been arrested on felony ethics charges, accused of using public office for personal gain. The story

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Dubious Alabama Accomplishments

Moving To Bham?

If you plan to move to the Birmingham area, you'd better be prepared to live amongst some of the most radical right-wing teabagger types in the country. The City of Birmingham, proper, contains some liberals, but the surrounding municipalities are a bastion of right-wing radicalism.

Alabama's governorship, House and Senate are all controlled by radical right-wingers who spend way to much time focused on abortion and thinking up new ways to screw immigrants.

If you are not a radical right-winger, don't even expect to feel at home here (in the areas outside of Birmingham city limits).

Spencer Bachus:

Spencer Bachus, the congressman representing Alabama's 6th District, is a real jerk, a tool for the rich and an enemy of the working class. But then, he keeps getting re-elected (he's a career politician), so his constituents must be real jerks, too.

Spencer Bachus: Disgrace to humanity who should never refer to himself as a Christian.

Jeff Sessions:

Alabama U.S. senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is pretty much in the same category as Spencer Bachus.

How Sessions uses government statistics to lie and deceive.


While (too many) Alabamans spend a lot of time bitching about goverment spending and "welfare queens", the state is a leech. Alabama is one of the many red states which suck more money out of the federal government than it contributes. Alabama gets back something like $2.03 for every dollar it sends to the federal government.

Alabama's U.S. senator Richard Shelby is the leech-in-chief, bringing home truckfuls of money from Washington D.C. Shelby may have more government-funded buildings in his home state named after him than any other money-grubbing politician currently living.

The people who scream loudest about "socialism" and "welfare queens" are themselves America's biggest leeches. Go figure.


Waggin' Treats Suspected Of Killing Dogs

Waggin Train could kill dogs

These made-in-China jerky tenders for dogs, sold at stores, including Walmart,
could kill your dog.

In fact, it's a good idea to not buy anything from China and to not shop at Walmart,
the pipeline from China.

Remind you of Richard Shelby?
Richard Shelby Pork Barrel Spending
ALEC: Politicians and Big Business secretly writing legislation

The inspiration for "Sweet Home Alabama"

An important annoucement about your flag decal: